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Mobile Learning in Higher Education
Strategies and tools for effective mLearning in Higher Ed.
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Short sweet useful - Mobile Usability Guidelines to Implement Now

Mobile usability guidelines presented at STC Summit 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.


. Define the Mobile Content Strategy• What your mobile customers want• Mobile tasks and context• How this will address their mobile needs• Align with competitors’ mobile offerings• An app or a mobile-friendly web site• The target mobile devices• Mobile architecture • Structure • User experience, interface • User assistance • Context-sensitivity • Accessibility• Content management metadata and tagging, output formats, testing, translation, distribution, feedback, analytics, updates, resources, schedule, budget, tools, process, development…Marta Rauch, @martarauch “12 Key Mobile Usability Guidelines to Implement Now” STC Summit 2012 Copyright 2012. 17

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Scooped by Kim Flintoff!

Digital Futures: Innovations in Mobile Learning

A presentation to Sheffield Hallam University on...


social media and informal learning • integrating the use of smart devices • augmented reality/wearable computing • mobile learning research issues

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Mobile learning about mobile learning

This slide deck presents a small pilot study of using MOBL 21 and mobile device for teacher education.


Michael M. Grant, Associate Professor of Instructional Design & Technology at the University of Memphis.

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