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Ever have good ideas on the go? Well, napkins are history.

Now every time you have an idea or you wish something was invented, don’t jot it down. Don’t wait. Don’t forget it. Don't lose it. Share it!

Thing.to is a new site where innovation gets social. Ideas are posted around the world for everybody to browse. You can share it, tweet it, post it, or just browse other ideas! And what happens next? Attention. Applause. And somebody, somewhere, just might make it...and your life just might get easier. So download Thing.to for free, and start thinking.

Be sure to visit www.Thing.To.

App Features:

- Post your Things live.
- Browse the world's latest Things.
- Applaud and favorite Things.
- Share Things with Twitter & Facebook.
- Instantly message others.
- Update your profile.
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