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Although voice and video broadcasting is not new, the ability to create quick, on-the-fly MOBILE voice and video calls to large groups of people is now possible given bandwidth and connectivity technologies and capacity. Our idea was to provide an easy to use VOICE system so that our kids could initially use it to dial up their friends quickly and coordinate meetings and fun stuff.
The initial concept grew from this basic idea developed for our kids here in Santa Monica to a robust platform for every type of user to enjoy….. and reap the benefit of a profitable business model if one chooses. Now, regardless of platform or device, we have deployed a system that anyone can easily use to connect massive amounts of callers very easily. The user determines if it will be a free call, private, public, archived or other features. The user can determine the price of premium calls.
We are also very excited to have partnered with Ironroad, a company in Sweden, and its domestic U.S. partner to provide VMS- the VIDEO answer to robust mobile broadcasting. We are very fortunate to benefit from teams of technical staff who are experts in Voice and Video transmission and coding and our experience is only starting to grow.
We enable anyone with an iPhone, Android or Blackberry phone to make free mobile voice broadcasts and VMS video [using our Ironroad USA partnership] calls over 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to their friends and family around the world. Welcome to your Personal Mobile Broadcasting Network!.