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Snipper is the easiest way to share those small video moments in your life, with family and friends, or whoever, using just your mobile phone.

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It works anywhere in the world. Films are pushed directly from and to your mobile phone so there is no hassle, no fiddly mobile browsing and no interrupted streaming. Create private broadcast channels to send films to only selected groups of people, or start a public channel and create your own following. Look for what you like to watch and subscribe to that channel. Share in the moment by adding comments to the films you receive and post what you like on Facebook and Twitter.



SNIPP: Record a film, if necessary trim it down to a maximum of 1 minute, select which of your channels to send to, choose to post on Facebook and Twitter, and then send your snippet. It uploads in the background so you don’t have to wait until it’s finished.

SHARE: You decide who gets to see your film. If it's just for family and friends then you can create your own private channels, and invite them to join by sending them a secure code via SMS. Only they will receive any films you send to that specific channel. You can also share your film with anyone on Snipper who wants to see what you're sharing - that's your own public channel, open to all. These public channels can be browsed through in the Snipper Channels area.

SEE: Get invited to a private channel and see what your family and friends are up to. Or follow the public channels of celebrities, artists and thinkers. Just pick a public channel that you are interested in and click on the subscribe button. From then on you’ll receive films from that channel. You don’t have to search and download these films – they are pushed directly into your Films list. Tap to see – without streaming interruption – and then share in their moment by responding via a comment, or post to Facebook and Twitter.

The reality of life is that you have various identities – parent, sibling, friend, colleague. Snipper allows you to share each of these lives differently – all from one user account. That’s the benefit of being able to create numerous broadcast channels each for a specific audience.

Creating a Snipper account means you gain access to an online ‘mirror’ of your mobile app. Whereas your Films list only contains the last 25 films sent to you, your online account allows you to retrieve all your incoming films, and manage your channels and the films you have broadcasted. It’s the ideal complement to your mobile world.