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mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education
mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education
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#FuzeMeeting app to run videoconferencing meetings on #ipad #edtech20 #mlearning

Signup now and get sessions with two participants free. Want larger sessions or Video Conferencing? Upgrade instantly via in app purchase.
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Get Fuze HD and you’ll be running online meetings from your iPad in minutes. You can also attend any Fuze session without registering!
• A free account includes online meetings and audio conferencing with no credit card required.
• Start/schedule sessions and invite attendees from your iPad address book
• Start a multi-party HD video conference right from the iPad **
• Send live video during a video conference **
• Add Apple Keynote and MS PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, movies, images and other content to meetings from your iPad or from your Fuze content library
• Zoom, pan and use our iPoint™ technology to engage your audience
• Use the iPad to join your audio conference or use our Call Me feature to dial your phone
• Mute and unmute all or select participants
• Make other mobile or web attendees presenters so they can share or markup content
• Use in-meeting chat and integrated IM to communicate during your meeting
• During an active meeting, close Fuze, open other apps and upload supported documents...without ending your session!
• Fuze accounts are free but you don’t need one to attend a meeting
• Attend a Fuze session by clicking the link you were sent in email or enter the meeting ID
• Join our daily demonstration to get a feel for everything the application can do or watch the demo video.
Here are just a few of thing things you can do with Fuze HD on the iPad:
• Run your sales meeting from home or on the road
• Start a technical support session, make someone a presenter and have them share their mac or PC screen for remote troubleshooting
• Start and manage your next team conference call
• Use it to remotely control slides and other content in your board room!

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#MeetingPad is the only #iPad app that manages meetings, notes, to-do lists #edtech20 #mlearning

#MeetingPad is the only #iPad app that manages meetings, notes, to-do lists #edtech20 #mlearning | mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education |


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Meeting Pad is the reason to take your iPad to every meeting you attend.

If you're meeting with one person or 20 people Meeting Pad will ensure you capture what was said, who attended and all the to-do actions.

For a short video demonstration please visit our website.

Meeting Pad is also available for your iPhone, please search for Meeting Notes if you are based in America, everywhere else search for My Meetings.

Meeting Pad is the only iPad application that manages meetings, notes, to-do lists and attendees in one feature rich, intuitive application.

Meeting Pad provides the following core features:

Meeting Pad is designed to allow easy and rapid typing of notes during your meeting with simultaneous recording of as much or as little audio as you need. Add audio "tags" to your recording to allow you to identify key audio. You may also add photos (for example from Whiteboards) to your notes.

You need never worry about saving any of your notes or meeting information within Meeting Pad. Everything is saved in real-time as you type, switch off your iPad or simply switch applications at any point and be assured that all information is saved and ready for you when you return.

Meetings can be tagged with keywords allowing you to filter your meeting list to find previous meetings rapidly, in addition meetings and to-do items are fully text searchable to ensure you can always find the notes and to-do items you need.

Add an Agenda to your meeting and automatically share it via email with your meeting attendees.

Each meeting has it's own To Do list allowing you to easily review the actions specific to each meeting, in addition Meeting Pad provides a single, centralised view of all your actions allowing you to see at glance actions from across all meetings sorted by priority or due date.

Meeting Pad allows Actions to be added your iPad Calendar automatically, When you create an action you may choose to add it to your calendar to remind you. Integration is fully 2-way between Meeting Pad and the iPad Calendar, if you change the action in your calendar then this change is also made with Meeting Pad.

Meeting Pad's unique Attendee features allow to keep a record of who attended each meeting, this feature integrates fully with your iPad contact list providing easy access to your existing contacts and provides the ability to create new contacts whilst in your meeting. In addition Meeting Pad allows you to view meetings by Attendee, this provides you the ability to see all meetings that any contact has attended, for example show all meetings attended by your boss !

Meeting Pad's unique seating plan feature allows you to quickly record who is seated where in the room. Utilising the iPad's compass the plan rotates as you move to ensure it always reflects the room as you move.

If you attend a regular meeting with similar attendees then Meeting Pad allows you to "repeat" the previous meeting, it will create a new meeting based upon the previous meeting then copy the Agenda, Attendee List and any Outstanding Actions, these meetings are linked together allowing you to simply and intuitively review all previous meetings.

Meeting Pad will automatically tag the location of each meeting you attend providing meeting search and filter via a map. See and manage only the meetings which occurred at your chosen or current location.

Meeting Pad will generate an email containing your email notes, meeting actions and attendee list. It will populate the TO: list from the attendee email addresses.

And many other features waiting for you to discover them …

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#SoundNote 4 #ipad best way to take notes in meetings, lectures, and interviews #edtech20 #mlearning

 It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you'll never worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote will jump right to the proper time in the audio.

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• Use SoundNote's powerful drawing tool for quick sketches. It's easy to edit them, too. Tap a drawing to select it, or tap twice to select an individual stroke. From there, you can drag it to wherever you want, or tap "Delete" to get rid of it. Use two fingers to zoom and scroll.

• SoundNote is perfect for students. If you ever fall asleep in class, don't worry — SoundNote's got your back. Just tap what you wrote while you were awake, and SoundNote will play the audio to help you fill in the blanks.

• SoundNote is also great for journalists. Ever miss an important detail during an interview and have to skim through your entire recording to find out what it was? With SoundNote, just tap a word from that part of the interview — it'll play back what you missed.

• When you're done, share your text, drawings, and audio notes via email, or transfer them directly to your Mac or PC. Audio notes are recorded in standard M4A format: One hour of high quality audio is only 25MB.

This app was formerly known as "SoundPaper".

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