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Fabulously retro and fabulously designed, Meernotes will be your ideal companion, perfect for expressing your noteworthy notes, mystical musings, academic amusements, romantic reveries, or nifty novels that will change the world.

★ Feels like writing on real pages - in real books
★ Express yourself in a handwritten font, academic type-set, or typewriter style
★ Selection of five fabulous notebooks to be put on your wooden shelf
★ DropBox syncing features

To organise your notes, you can add custom coloured tabs and titles, manually stamp today's date and find individual notes through the automatically created page of contents. Before you close your notebook, put a wonderfully red bookmark in your notebook to know where you left off.

★ APP OF THE WEEK (GEARBURN): "A simple, uncomplicated, classic-looking note-taking app that mimics the style and feeling of taking notes in a physical journal. It is beautifully designed and you’d be forgiven for trying to feel the textures of the notebook covers on the screen because they just look so good."
★ BEAUTIFUL PIXELS: "If you want to add that retro or analog feeling, wrapped in an incredibly gorgeous UI to the experience, Meernotes is for you."
★ APP SAFARI: " It’s as useful as it is beautiful, and we enthusiastically recommend it."
★ APP ADVICE: "If you’re searching for a new note-taking app, and love the real notebook feel, you’ll really enjoy Meernotes."
★ 148APPS: "It’s an attractive looking app that ensures the user feels as if they’re writing on a real page in a real book."
★ APPSOLUTE: "This is a killer app built to fuse the look and feel of old analog note taking, and storage, with today’s technology. The outcome is spectacular."
★ EASY JOURNALING: "As an author, I am intrigued at the opportunity to write fictional stories with the classic feel to keep me in the right mindset."

Please note that Meernotes is all about the retro feel of taking notes with the iOS keyboard (in both landscape and portrait mode). Once a page is full, you will not be able to add more text to the same page. If you are looking for a more gray, digital, word-processor-like approach to note taking (with endless scrollviews), Meernotes is not for you. Pasting of texts longer than a normal note page is currently not supported. This version is designed for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

✔ Unlimited pages, unlimited notebooks
✔ Automatically created page of contents
✔ Add tabs to organise your notes
✔ Beautiful page turn animations
✔ Add pages in between
✔ Rearrange books in your library
✔ DropBox sync (automatic or manual)
✔ E-Mail notebooks