Share Places, Events and Photos on Twitter!

Schmaps & Schnaps is a must-have app for local businesses, event promoters, marketing pros and anyone who cares about their Twitter image. The iPhone version of this popular Twitter app gives access to most of the benefits available to desktop users at :

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~ Tweet schmaps to drive foot traffic to your local business/event
~ Enable RSVPs and comments to encourage viral promotion
~ Tweet schnaps to share single photos or interactive slideshows
~ Edit, copy, view and tweet your existing schmaps and schnaps

In addition, the iPhone app also lets you make and tweet schmaps with your current location, together with optional photos, notes and star ratings. Great for:

~ Saving and tweeting reviews of local restaurants and bars
~ Keeping and sharing a journal of places visited when on vacation
~ Tweeting your current location when meeting up with friends

Schmaps and schnaps use your Twitter background and colors, making sure you present a consistent and professional image to your followers.#schmaps