flayvr all your iPhone's photos and videos are magically sorted into exciting interactive albums, for you to keep or share with friends. flayvr puts an end to endless scrolling in search of your favorite life moments.

Everybody is raving about flayvr:
* "Top 7 social networks to watch in 2013" (CNN)
* One of tech's most promising startups (Wall Street Journal)
* "Give your friends a real sense of memorable events in your life" (The Next Web)

Here's how flayvr works:
- flayvr recognizes photos and videos taken at the same event and builds an album out of them
- Your flayvr timeline automatically displays all your albums, photos and videos sorted by time and location
- Your flayvr albums can be shared personally or across social networks.

Get the most out of flayvr:
* HOURS OF FUN - Re-discover all those photos and videos you forgot about
* SIMPLE - Add photos and videos to your album and hide those you don't like
* SHARE - Share a complete event album with a single click: privately or on any social network
* DISCOVER - View flayvr albums shared with you
* INTUITIVE - Lay back, zoom-in, or view full-screen photos and videos
* PHOTOS AND VIDEOS - Let your videos play in the background while viewing all the event photos

Privacy is very important to  flayvr does not copy or store any of your photos and videos. Only albums which you have specifically chosen to share will be uploaded.