eyeconit is the first icon scanner in the AppStore, with eyeconit you can get apps fast simply by scanning their icon.

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Get apps by pointing eyeconit at any app icon from another friend's iPhone, iPad or iPod, or from any internet site or magazine and get a link to download it from the AppStore.
Use eyeconit to scan apps from your friends' iPhones, Share your apps with friends by letting them scan app icons from you.
eyeconit is a great utility, but its also a lot of fun. Play with eyeconit icon detection and image recognition technology and see what cool new apps you will find while scanning icons.

Have you often seen cool apps on your friend's iPhone, or read app reviews on-line and just wanted to get those apps? With eyeconit getting apps is as easy as ever, just point eyeconit at any app, scan it to your phone, review it, and install it from the AppStore.

• The first icon scanner app in the AppStore.
• Scan any app icon and get a link to download it from the Appstore.
• Scan apps from any site, such as app review sites and app blogs.
• Scan apps from your friends' iPhones.
• Share apps with friends by letting them scan your apps.
• Get all the information you need about the app before downloading it from the AppStore.
• Cool and Fun image recognition technology.
• Tweet or tell friends on Facebook about new apps that you just scanned.