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mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education
mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education
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Scooped by LucianeCurator!

#CourseNotes take notes keep ToDo lists and track assignments, and sync them with your #iPad calendar #edtech20 #mlearning

#CourseNotes take notes keep ToDo lists and track assignments, and sync them with your #iPad calendar #edtech20 #mlearning | mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education |

CourseNotes lets you take notes during classes or meetings, keep them organized by subject, and print them or share them with friends! Review your notes later and search through multiple class meetings and notes all at once. You can also keep ToDo lists and track assignments, and sync them with your iPad's calendar.

*** See a demo video at ***

CourseNotes fully supports iOS 4.2 with over-the-air printing, multitasking and support for syncing assignments with your iPad’s calendar.

Export your notes online with Facebook for access wherever you are or on any device, or to share with your friends.

Keeping class notes organized is a daunting task for any student. Put an end to unreadable notes on torn up spiral notebooks, and stop paging through your notes looking desparately for that one thing you remember writing that one time... Let CourseNotes be your guide!

Miss a class? Need to print or share your notes with a friend? CourseNotes lets you share your note sessions and view your friends shared notes right in the app. You can also share notes via email or peer-to-peer with other CourseNotes users over BlueTooth or a local network.


• Take notes with text and drawings
• Print your notes via AirPrint
• Organize notes by subject and class meeting
• Track assignments that sync to your iPad’s calendar
• Keep a unified ToDo list for each subject
• Share notes on Facebook for viewing, printing or sharing with friends
• Export notes via email to yourself or friends
• Transfer note sessions peer-to-peer with other CourseNotes users
• Keep a lexicon of terms and definitions for each subject
• Get in-app studysheets and other educational content

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Scooped by LucianeCurator!

#Dokeos tool to create #elearning courses for #ipad to #mlearning #edtech20

#Dokeos tool to create #elearning courses for #ipad to #mlearning #edtech20 | mLearningusingiphone,ipad,ipod, @web20education |

Yes, we've become nomads ! The smartphones and tablets market is exploding, disrupting training practices.

Dokeos 2.1 was thoroughly redesigned for mobile devices. Because mobility is not only a change of support, but a change in practices, leading to an intuitive and touchscreen experience.

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and my first blog with gr8 tools and apps

Video On Demand
More and more training programmes rely on video broadcastings these days. Some Dokeos clients built web-TVs. Mobile devices do not accept Adobe Flash, but Dokeos makes it possible to play videos without the Flash plugin in Full HD streaming.

Competences management
E-learning mobility leads to new scenarios and the management of dedicated competences. Nurses and doctors are trained on their ambulatory process during this process. Dokeos Author offers more than 30 types of quizzes and activities, some being unique and healthcare-oriented, like the medical imaging delineation below.

Focus on the visual
A picture is worth 10,000 words. But not easy to draw. With Dokeos 2.1, trainers rely on the simplicity of mindmapping to create crystal clear content screens or self-explaining navigation menus.

Assisted storyboarding
Problem-based learning, Case study or Collaborative practice? Different scenarios lead to different sequences of activities. Dokeos 2.1 pre-cooks pages and quizzes with templates and offers scenarios to structure the course navigation and increase productivity. , without locking you in a dedicated training ideology like social constructivism.

Scenario templates are inspired by the achievements of our clients and the discussions that take place during Dokeos training workshops. They materialise best practices sharing with a 4 million users community.

HR-oriented reporting
Dokeos is not only an online authoring tool, it is also a powerful LMS, delivering accurate reporting.

Whether classroom or online, created by Dokeos Author or another authoring tool, Dokeos integrates your training modules follow-up into a visual reporting and assessment system. .

Your training catalog
Whether you train your own employees in-house or sell training programs to third party organizations, Dokeos manages your catalog, training sessions, trainees registrations, and connects to a payment system, serving as an e-commerce portal.

First HTML 5 learning suite
Dokeos 2.1 is the first tablet-compliant learning suite. This performance is made possible by the systematic adoption of the HTML5 5 standard.

HTML5 replaces Flash, still representing some 90% of authoring systems. Handling most animations and interactions online today, Flashed is not an option anymore, since Apple and Microsoft decided to stop supporting it. Adobe, owner of the Flash technology recently announced the end of Flash mobile development.

Dokeos FREE or Dokeos PRO?
Dokeos 2.1 is available in two flavours. Dokeos FREE addresses early-adopters, private individuals, self-employed trainers and people who wish to get familiar with online training, without warranty on the outcome.

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