Explore the construction of the Twin Towers. View videos of the site long before 9/11. Connect with the the day of 9/11/01 as it unfolds. And then, get an insider's view of "Reflecting Absence" Architect Michael Arad's powerful Memorial Plaza and twin Pools.

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-Exclusive interview with the creator of the Memorial, along with his sketches and photographs.

-More than 40 videos, over an hour of original content, site tours, museum updates, and animations.

-Over 400 high-resolution photographs, including large artifacts at Hanger 17, rare site construction images, and the landscaping of an urban forest with 400 white swamp oak trees.

-Links to share, post, and connect with the National September 11th Memorial Museum site.

-An interactive timeline from 2001 - updated as construction continues.

-Never before seen video of the attacks on The World Trade Center.

"The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present and Future" is a journey that you can take at your own pace, a rich tapestry of more than 40 original videos and 400 powerful still images.

The Memorial should be experienced in person. This App provides an intimate, personal, self-directed exploration.

Created and curated by Author/Filmmaker Steven Rosenbaum - scenes from his award-winning documentary "7 Days in September" are included as well.

Critical reviews:

"This app offers a superb look at what seems destined to become an important national landmark."

"It includes never-seen-before videos, photographs, interviews and text that document the Memorial."

"superb photographs"
"heart-rending tribute videos"
"good information on visiting the memorial"