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Rescooped by michel verstrepen from Web Publishing Tools!

Preview How Your Website Will Look on Any Mobile Device with Adobe Shadow

Robin Good: Adobe Shadow is a cross-platform software as well as a mobile app that allows you to preview the layout of any web page across any number of different mobile devices easily.


To make Adobe Shadow work you only need to install the software on your Mac or PC, as well as on the mobile devices you want to test your web pages on.


"I love using Adobe BrowserLab. It’s a great way to check how your sites look on different browser platforms.


But I’m even more excited about Adobe Shadow, a new Adobe Lab that allows you to test your web sites on mobile devices by creating a dynamically-updating connection between your devices.


In layman’s terms, this means that you can visit a web site on your desktop browser and simultaneously preview it on multiple phones and tablets.


So, as you browse through different pages on your desktop, the mobile devices also update their screens."


(Source: Ray Villalobos on


Download Shadow for Mac or PC: ;

Shadow for iOs: ;

for Android: ;


Video intro: ;


More info: ;

Via Robin Good
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Rescooped by michel verstrepen from toute l'info sur Google!

Test du tout dernier Samsung Galaxy Nexus by Google

Test du tout dernier Samsung Galaxy Nexus by Google | mlearn |

Nouveau fleuron de Google, mais aussi de Samsung, les premiers tests américains ont qualifié le smartphone comme étant le meilleur sous Android.. « Ever… » Après notre test du Motorola RAZR, c’était évident qu’il fallait aussi qu’on teste la bête suite déjà à nos premières impressions ICI lors de son annonce avec SFR !


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