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Rescooped by michel verstrepen from ipad apps to mLearning by Euneos!

#pheed #startup make your #socialmedia life easier combining your favorite social features into one modern and gorgeous #ipad app to #mlearning

Pheed is a social media platform that enables users to create, inspire and share texts, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice-notes and live broadcasts using ipad
All content uploaded is owned by the user, Pheed retains no rights or ownership toward it.
● Capture and share high resolution photos in any size, no cropping
● Upload photo albums in a single pheed
● Capture, record and share high definition videos with no time limit
● Record and share sound, voice notes and audio clips with no time limit
● Your content remains yours - protect all your content with the copyright feature
● 420 characters to share more of your thoughts
● Promote pheeds using hashtags like #pheedthaworld, #phamily, #pheed
● Mentions - tag others easily using @mentions
● “Love” or “Heartache” pheeds and share your pheedback
● Sort timeline view using filters (e.g. photos, video, audio, etc)
● Re-post and share content internally from other Pheed channels using our Remix feature
● Use Keepers to create your own playlist of text, audio, photo, or video
● Get notifications about your content
● Share pheeds on Facebook, Twitter, or via email
● Block users from accessing your content
● Monetization - you have the option to place a monthly (30day) subscription fee on your Pheed channel (users will have to pay you to access your content, you can select your paywall anywhere from $1.99 to $34.99)
● Receive alerts for scheduled live broadcasts events, viewable from the website

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LucianeCurator's curator insight, February 26, 2013 2:56 PM

curated by Lucian, father, Social Media Curator and teacher, ;
Curator who win a IPAD in Global Competition with PLN help or simply a educator hwo teach special needs students how to integrate new technologies online web 2.0 and Social Media into the classroom . Follow and . Now I write / describe weekly Top 10 ,and describe daily: curation edtools ; startup edtools , ipad apps . Now I begin to blog also in romanian

Rescooped by michel verstrepen from ipad apps to mLearning by Euneos!

#Broadcastr transform your #iphone into a multimedia guide to the world #edtech20 #mlearning

Go exploring with Broadcastr and transform your iPhone into a multimedia guide to the world.

Broadcastr brings the world around you to life by delivering multimedia content directly to your iPhone based on your location.

CURATION RESTART EDUCATION PROJECT . Welcome in the new Age of #Curation & by @!/web20education - wish you all Lucian . I invite to subscribe for NEW #edtech20 #socialmedia #Curation newsletter register to join free #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project and Install free our #mlearning app .Like and collaborate on facebook and Circle on Google Plus and Subscribe free to gr8 #edtech20 blogs : top 10 blog : related to new web 2.0, social media startups , curation ; mLearning apps , google plus , and my romanian blog . Like and collaborate on facebook , linkedin , diigo

Learn more about the architecture of a building straight from the architect. Listen to historians, comedians, food fanatics, sports fans and more as they put their stories on the map. Follow your favorite broadcastrs and add your own broadcasts.

•Know where you stand: Open the app to instantly wake up images, audio, and text about your location (video support coming in version 3.0!).
•Thousands of amazing stories and free tours created by experts and users.
•Professional content from more than 100 partners, ranging from Fodor’s Travel Guides to the 9/11 Memorial.
•Geoplay mode enables hands-free playback of the stories nearest you.
•Follow other broadcastrs, comment on stories, and share your discoveries to Facebook and Twitter.
•Add your own stories and contribute to a growing layer of living history, anecdote, entertainment, and information that spans the world.

Amid the countless digital ways we now record everything in our lives, Broadcastr showed me how fun it is to sit back and listen to voices from around the globe. Perhaps oral histories aren’t dead, they just have a new home on the web. - Time Techland

It's the perfect way to share vacation stories or to dispense your thoughts about a particularly personal locale. -The Washington Post

Go give it a listen; you too might hear something interesting just around the corner. -Techcrunch

That said, the exploration aspect – searching the world from random stories – is one of the most enjoyable social experiences I’ve ever heard. -Forbes

Get Awesome Guided Tours Around The World With New Broadcastr App -Business Insider

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