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As a university online teacher I think of the facilitated online learning community as the gold standard of  e-learning.  At the same time the convenience and ability to scale provided by on-demand training can't be denied.    


On the corporate side of the e-learning pie, on-demand learning has long been an acceptible approach.  On the academic side, on-demand doesn't sit right with many online instructors.  One tool doesn't fit all.  But on-demaind will fit some situations. ~ Dennis




The On-Demand World

The future of learning will not contain very many classes at scheduled dates and times. They will be on demand. No one rushes home to turn on the television to watch a favorite program — we don’t even do that for live sports anymore. Just record it, show up late and start from the beginning. Not only do I get to attend my son’s track meet AND watch the game, but I get to fast-forward through the commercials. Imagine if your trainees could attend your training session, but could fast-forward through the breaks and the dead time between discussions. They could finish a three-hour class in 90 minutes.

Via Dennis T OConnor