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OpenMobster, provides a complete end-to-end Sync solution for your mobile apps. The infrastructure consists of a Cloud Server that integrates with backend Enterprise services. On the device side, this data is accessible through the MobileBean API included in the device SDK. This way you can focus on writing the business logic for your mobile app while the low-level synchronization details are automagically taken care of by OpenMobster. 


In OpenMobster, synchronized data is replicated across devices and platforms. You could have multiple devices registered with the Cloud. Any data changes on one device will be automatically pushed to other devices. Data Replication is built directly into your app. As a developer you don't have to do anything special or code to a particular API. Data replication is one of the synchronization services you get out of the box.


The Push Engine is tightly integrated with the Sync Engine. With this, if there is any new data coming from the Cloud, it is pushed automatically to the device. The user will then receive a "You have new data" like message in the phone's notification area. This feature enables real time updates from the Cloud to the device without using the polling technique. 

Via Nicolas Weil