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Kazakhstan may not be ripe for revolution, but the West is making the same mistakes it made in the Arab world


All there really is to say about this issue is that in times where it is benificial for other countries to turn their head, they will. It is a shame that there was no intervention. Not for the benefit of the government or foreign countries, but for the benfit of the people who would be affected from the results of this election. As said within this article referring to the day that Nursultan Nazarbayev basically stole the election..  "On that day democracy was killed, just as in Zhanaozen our peaceful citizens were killed with machine guns!" - OSDP deputy leader Amirzhan Kosanov. People are losing their rights and freedom and all due to the fact that rich people in certain nations can get away with things based on their economic standing and who they know politically. Not only this, but if you do interfere or say something, you can disappear and no one would question it. If someone is in good favor with anyone in the west, they get away with more than those who are not on that friendly of a term. People can shape countries however they want, rule their people however they want, but it should still be up to the people to elect their ruler in a fair election. No matter who is friends with who, justice should be served equally. -- M.Carvajal

Via Amarji, Seth Dixon