Pakistan Trees Cocooned in Spider Webs | MLC Geo400 class portfolio |
Documented by an aid worker, millions of spiders took to the trees to spin their webs after heavy floods inundated Pakistan in 2010.


Its interesting to see how spiders have had to change to their enviroment as the floods devastated many in 2010. Spiders have had to in a way get used to dealing with the waters but they have had a great beneficial impact on the human race. With spiders moving to higher grounds, they have been able to decrease the amount of Malaria cases which affect so many in these areas. We rarely consider how insects and animals are affected when a natural disaster hits but this was interesting to think about. Something that should be mentioned or researched is how many of these spiders can pose a threat to humans that may still be in that area? You can solved the malaria issue but hopefully not at the risk of another problem. -M.Carvajal

Via Seth Dixon