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Why Representation Matters to Mixed Kids - Mixed Nation

Why Representation Matters to Mixed Kids - Mixed Nation | Mixed American Life | Scoop.it
Slowly but surely, larger networks are introducing biracial and multicultural characters in children's tv shows - and it's about time.
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Canada's Approach to Racism | Mixed American Life | Scoop.it
Why is it that the U.K.'s newspaper is willing to publish a painfully honest editorial about race in Canada but Canadian papers aren't? Before Mr. Douglas was published in the U.K., he submitted his personal op ed to Canadian newspapers.
Law Say Hwee's curator insight, July 13, 4:45 AM

The Canada media tends to go around the issue of racism and not talk about it. They talk about almost everything else, but just simply not racism. I can imagine it is quite annoying to be a Black Canadian.

Chan Kin Leong's curator insight, July 13, 7:01 AM

After reading this article, I felt that Canada is treating people very unfairly by supplanting black Canadians for the Canadians who are white in their skin colour. In my opinion, I think that Canada president should forbid this act as prejudice towards the black Canadians are appearing in the country. People should be treated fairly and not vice versa just because of the majority. Also, this act might affect the black Canadians as they are being rejected by the Canada society which would arise to social issues such as poverty due to the lack of having a job for the black Canadians. Also, this may even lead to racial conflicts such as riots due to being treated unfairly of a particular group of people.

Kelvin Tsui's curator insight, July 13, 7:47 AM

in this article 

what i have known about Canada is that in Canada, they do not talk about their unfair prejudice against the black community and that they also do not address this issue as they do nit mention it. i think that the is not as bad as physically or verbally abuse, but it is still not the right thing to do., I think that we should no matter what treat everyone equally no matter the colour gender or race.