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Diversity of Asian Americans Overlooked

Diversity of Asian Americans Overlooked | Mixed American Life | Scoop.it

The above interview was conducted by Laura Flanders of Grit TV and The Nation on the occasion of the release of the Pew Research Center’s report, The Rise of Asian Americans and my response, here, on Race Files.

Community Village Sites's insight:

Kudos to Mr. Nakagawa for stepping up to talk about this!

Mass media tends to ignore the diversity of groups and imply that some groups are all bad while other groups are all good. 

moniqueblog.net's curator insight, August 28, 2013 8:52 PM

Really cool interview! And it's true--the racial diversity of Asian Americans is completely overlooked. 

J. Marshall Parker's curator insight, August 29, 2013 1:44 PM

That we are at at beginning of the end of white male dominance in the US is unquestionable.  It appears daily as the politcal spokespeople for White Entitlement Forever group  make complaints about everything that threatens their power and take every opportunity to incite fear for the very thing that makes us great.   Those who fear diversity are crowded on the small island's shoreline and tides are rising.  The sooner they learn to swim, the stronger our chances of survival.  

Scot Nakagawa here expresses a very concise reading of the state of racial justice for a large segment of our national community. And in fact, for all of us.

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Jindal: Racism persists because minorities cling to their heritage

Jindal: Racism persists because minorities cling to their heritage | Mixed American Life | Scoop.it

Jindal accused minorities of placing “far too much emphasis on our ‘separateness,’ our heritage, ethnic background, skin color, etc. We live in the age of hyphenated Americans: Asian-Americans, Italian-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Indian-Americans, and Native Americans, to name just a few.”

Community Village Sites's insight:

Racism persists because of xenophobic racists.

In Jindal's list of hyphenated Americans he forgot to mention European-Americans.

Jindal also listed Native Americans in his list of hyphenated Americans. The term "Native American" is not hyphenated.

There are four types of Americans: 

1. First Nations Indigenous Amerindians
2. Colonizer-Americans 
3. Immigrant-Americans 
4. Migrant-Americans

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