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The Amazing Potential of Nanotechnology

The Amazing Potential of Nanotechnology | MishMash | Scoop.it

Long considered to be exclusively the product of science fiction, today some people believe nanotechnology is about to reaches its potential, and drastically change the world.


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Currently nanotechnology is mainly used to produce nanoparticles, or materials with very specific properties.  In the video http://youtu.be/mEH6tDLKcVU ;

the superhydrophobic coatings shown at the beginning are one example.  Graphene and carbon nanotubes are other nanoparticles with incredible potential in a variety of applications.

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Nanotechnology's Revolutionary Next Phase

Nanotechnology's Revolutionary Next Phase | MishMash | Scoop.it

The fruition of atomically precise manufacturing (APM) — nanotech’s next phase — promises to create such “radical abundance” that it will not only change industry but civilization itself.
At least that’s the view of Eric Drexler, considered by most to be the father of nanotechnology. An American engineer, technologist and author with three degrees from M.I.T., Drexler is currently at the “Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology” at Oxford University in the U.K.

Forbes.com questioned Drexler about points discussed in his forthcoming book, Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization, due out in May.

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We'll get there - you'll see!

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This article as the question how will nanotechnology change the course of civilization. The arrticle criticises material science and focuses on the inovations nanotechnology will have in the near future. It puts emphasis on the benifits of nanotechnology and how large corporations can take advantage. The article critically reviews the role atomically precise manufacturing (AMP) will impact in the future. How effective will AMP be in reaching its intended purpose. The article also points to other technologies that derives from manufacturing with the aid of nanotechnology. These into nanomedicine, the military and possibly nanotechnology in aerospace. In summary the point being forward here is that all roads will lead to some sort of nanotechnology.

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An interesting look at the future posibilities of Nanotechnology on the Atomic Scale.