The bio-crime prophecy: DNA hacking the biggest opportunity since cyber attacks | MishMash |

As biology emerges as another generalised computing medium, future biological creations will, just like electronic computing, extend their reach into every aspect of our lives and into every industry, transforming them both to their very core. 
If our experience with cyberspace is any indication, these developments will unfold unpredictably, yet there are important lessons to be learned. The internet was built for redundancy, not security. As a result, we have the omnipresent spectre of cybercrime looming over us. Before we enter the age of programmable biology, we must contemplate what we might do differently to avoid the mistakes we made in our development of silicon-based computing. DNA is the common thread that runs through all living things. Without it, there is no life. As such, we have no alternative to seriously considering how we will protect the world's original operating system.

Via Szabolcs Kósa