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Una colección de materiales heterogéneos que sólo tienen en común el suscitar el interés del compilador y de los lectores que presuntamente van a interesarse, mezclando opiniones, informaciones y curiosidades...
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40 Maps That EXPLAIN The Internet

40 Maps That EXPLAIN The Internet | MAZAMORRA en morada |

The internet increasingly pervades our lives, delivering information to us no matter where we are. It takes a complex system of cables, servers, towers, and other infrastructure, developed over decades, to allow us to stay in touch with our friends and family so effortlessly. Here are 40 maps that will help you better understand the internet — where it came from, how it works, and how it's used by people around the world.

Via Lauren Moss
Deb Nystrom, REVELN's curator insight, August 22, 1:00 PM
Here's why the Internet works, "... because open standards allow every network to connect to every other network.  (So far...)   This is what makes it possible for anyone to create content, offer services, and sell products without requiring permission from a central authority.

It levels the playing field for everyone and it’s the reason why we have a rich diversity of applications and services that many of us enjoy today.

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Well Connected Mom's curator insight, August 22, 8:04 PM

Curious how the Internet started?  These maps of servers show the progression.

Coolwired's curator insight, August 31, 10:04 AM

This informative site sheds light on the pervasive workings of the Internet.

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¿Por qué Chomsky DESCONFÍA de Internet?│BBC Mundo - Noticias

¿Por qué Chomsky DESCONFÍA de Internet?│BBC Mundo - Noticias | MAZAMORRA en morada |
En diálogo con BBC Mundo, el intelectual estadounidense Noam Chomsky desmiente algunos mitos de la red y plantea dudas sobre sus beneficios. "Los usos constructivos de internet son pocos", asegura desde el MIT.

Via Edumatica Consulting, Silvina Carraud , jose antonio gabelas
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Qmee FIND OUT what happens online in 60 seconds

Qmee FIND OUT what happens online in 60 seconds | MAZAMORRA en morada |

We recently created an infographic for our client Qmeeand have found out what happens online during an average 60 seconds. Those of you that are fond of procrastinating can finally feel accomplished at something because you will account for a lot of this activity…

Via Beth Dichter
Viljenka Savli's curator insight, April 15, 9:58 AM

This is what life today looks like :). The statistic is incredible and the distances ar

José Antônio Carlos - O Professor Pepe's curator insight, April 15, 11:28 AM

A velocidade de nossos dias em um simples gráfico.

Nicky Mohan's curator insight, April 15, 8:23 PM

All in just 60 seconds