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Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader
Mindfulness is being present to oneself. Leading oneself is the Odyssey. Mindful Leadership is about: Being, Thinking, Doing & Not Doing.
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Rescooped by ozziegontang from Lee Thayer: His Thinking Regarding Leadership & High Performance Organizations

Finding My Greatness Zone | Leading Leaders to Greater Success

Finding My Greatness Zone | Leading Leaders to Greater Success | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it

My Greatness Zone is a result of the passion when I find my unique contribution and live it. It is the place one can change the world for the better in some way. Cindy shares how she has found hers.

ozziegontang's curator insight, July 20, 2013 8:16 AM

We are interdependent.  We are herd/pack animals euphemistically calling ourselves social animals. It is with the help of others tht we reach our greatness.  That Greatness Zone lays in what Suzanne Livingston calls: My unique contribution. For me that is my passion around servant-leadership and building community.  Cindy shares well how the work as a fellow Vistage/TEC Chair has allowed me to fulfill my passion for the past 27 years.

Cindy talks about being good at what she did. She also mentions "I found I became bored easily"  When I can do something well and it becomes  habit, I can coast.  And you know what they say about coasting.  When you're coasting you're going downhill.

The challenge that Lee Thayer throws down is: How will I be better tomorrow that I was today in living my life and performing better than I was today personally and professionally?

Cindy has found her unique contribution that challenges her daily to be better than yesterday.

Remember, I cannot motivate another person. Motivation comes from within.

Motivation:  the state or condition of being motivated.

Motivate:     Providing motive.

Motive:        Goals or objectives of one's actions.Random House Dictionary

You may be able to inspire me, however it is up to me to achieve the "goals or objectives my one's actions."

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Vistage Leadership, Vistage Corporate Officers - Vistage

Vistage Leadership, Vistage Corporate Officers - Vistage | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it

"Red" Scott's Business Cardinals

Charles "Red" Scott's business career spans more than 50 years, with some 20 of those serving as either a President or CEO of a public company. The following list of "Business Cardinals" reflects some of his philosophy for achieving success in a competitive business world.


As he reminded his listeners most were memorialized as a result of mistakes, errors of judgment and/or unfortunate experiences.


ozziegontang's insight:

When Red would speak to TEC/Vistage groups, he reminded those attending that he came to learn 3 things from those listening to his "Pearls from Paris (TX) or Coyote Culture presentations.  When he would learn something from the group, he would stop, take a red felt tipped pen and place a start on the person's table tent.


I am pleased to say that I was one of those individuals. It was sharing that the word "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek "en theos" or "the god within." When the Greeks saw someone with a passion for whatever whatever moved them, they said " the god within him burns."

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The Future of the Workforce with Gustavo Grodnitzky

Gustavo Grodnitzky presented his topic "The Future of the Workforce -- Ready or not, here they come!" to over 200 delegates at etc. Venues, London on Friday,...
ozziegontang's insight:

Gustavo Grodnitzky has become a good friend. His work on the Millenials, the Gen Y gives a great perspective of how we need to work in the cross-generational workforce.


You may want to look at The Fourth Turning about the 4 generational types in 4 eras for the past 500 years. An interesting perspective.


Check out his Ask Dr. Gustavo recaps at DrGustavo.com


His Philosophy:  "Environment is a more powerful determinant of behavior than is personality. This is evidenced in both clinical studies and everyday experience"


"Our environment teaches us what we can and can not do. Yet each of us has the ability to change our environment by choosing certain actions over others and fine-tuning our interactions with others. Leaders and organizational teams that learn how to create successful environments naturally become more effective and more successful. They also become stronger assets for their corporations. They perform better, are more satisfied with their jobs, and they’re happier. As a result, their company experiences better growth, stability and profitability."




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TEC Florida: Stories are an important part of Red Scott’s Leadership

TEC Florida: Stories are an important part of Red Scott’s Leadership | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it

A Leader, A Blue Vaser, A Storyteller Extraordinaire. This was written almost 5 years ago to honor Red Scott who touched my life and the life of so many.

ozziegontang's insight:

A dear friend, teacher, mentor, and leader has died. Red Scott's legacy will live on for many generations to come.

Red, like Pat Hyndman, gave all though their lives and will continue to give for many generations by the legacy they have left behind. Red was the consumate: green and growing.  Always learning. Always having a story to put it in a way that would get the point across and yet having Texas humor.

His message to us came in December:

Sent: 12/6/2012 2:04:10 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: <no subject>


Dear Family and Friends:

To quote the great Dandy Don Meredith:

"Turn out the lights - - the party is over."  Oh and, I have also been
advised to not buy any more green bananas.

As most of you know I was diagnosed with aggressive Prostate Cancer almost 8 years ago. Kathy and I vowed then that we would try to live a normal life and squeeze out ever ounce of "living" - - for what ever time was left. Boy oh boy what a wonderful ride we have had !  Thanks in no small part to a great team of doctors who are knowledgeable, caring and loving !

My Maternal Grandmother (Eliza Jane Patton) used to say to me as a little boy:  "He with 1000 friends has not one to spare!"  Eliza, I don't know if I ever hit the 1000 mark - - but I came pretty durn close...

I apologize to the many, many of you who have called or wanted to stop by. We turned you away simply to try to preserve what little strength I had left.  I hope you understand.

Worry not about me now. I am looking forward to the greatest reward of all - - to go be with my Lord & Savior - - Jesus Christ.

Red Scott

Red's Cardinals  http://bit.ly/14eR0Mv

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TEC Florida: Stories are an important part of Red Scott’s Leadership

TEC Florida: Stories are an important part of Red Scott’s Leadership | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it


Stories were a very important part of my leadership style at the many companies which I was either the Chairman, The President or the CEO.

I tried to give each manager or executive who reports directly to me:

1) a copy of “The Go Getter” booklet by Peter Kyne

2) a copy of the Abilene Paradox by Jerry Harvey

Check out the Abilene DVD at CRM Learning
They have a collection of top training videos.

3) a copy of my speech on the 8 Success Traits


As a result – a part of our short hand language or style became such comments:

Is he/she lucky?Is he/she a Go Getter?Are we about to take a trip to Abilene?Is it clear to you that this project is a “blue vaser?”

Hope this helps. Best regards. Red


ozziegontang's insight:

Red Scott has been an inspiration to thousands of individuals.  His insights and wisdom delivered in a folksy and humorous way through his many stories have taught lessons that need to be taught. 


I am pleased to be among those whose livws he has touched.


His life is and has been about being a Blue-Vaser.

Karen Dietz's comment, December 22, 2012 2:38 PM
Love this Ozzie! Thanks for finding and sharing this article. Happy holidays!