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Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader
Mindfulness is being present to oneself. Leading oneself is the Odyssey. Mindful Leadership is about: Being, Thinking, Doing & Not Doing.
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The Happiness Culture: Zappos Isn't a Company -- It's a Mission

The Happiness Culture: Zappos Isn't a Company -- It's a Mission | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it
Tony Hsieh sold earthworms greeting cards and slices of pizza. Along the way he never considered that a failed business meant he was a failure. Then...

Via Annette Schmeling
ozziegontang's insight:

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Annette Schmeling's curator insight, February 5, 2014 9:34 AM

'Happiness' itself is not a core value at Zappos, but the organizational alignment with core values is so powerful that you cannot miss the end result. Zappos core values center on customer service and connect the employees as human beings. The values are timeless and do not change - the practices and strategies of business should change all of the time. 

ozziegontang's curator insight, March 4, 2014 4:25 PM

Read Annette Schmeling's insights.

Dennis T OConnor's curator insight, May 31, 2014 6:40 PM

Thanks to Annette Schmeling for this reminder.

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Class of 2013: Find Your Spiritual Harness

Class of 2013: Find Your Spiritual Harness | Mindfulness & The Mindful Leader | Scoop.it
In my first rock-climbing lesson, I got stuck. I could see a ledge next to my right knee, but nothing for my hands to hold. I cried for help. My instructor directed me to the ledge.“Thanks for

Via Mark Taylor, ozziegontang
Mark Taylor's curator insight, May 22, 2013 6:58 AM

This is beautiful. Every leader should read it. Fred is talking about what we call in Tribal Leadership, core values. Most of us don't choose power, wealth, youth, beauty, pleasure, or fame, These are outcomes; qualities such as love, justice, discipline, vision, kindness, compassion, commitment, and courage are choices. The first ones depend on external circumstances; the second ones depend on you. We can design our lives to be the people we want  and to make the difference in the world.

Rich Maxwell's curator insight, May 23, 2013 8:43 AM

Dave Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership, speaks of crucible moments when very difficult circumstances call forth our greatness and, in many ways, our true selves.  Great leaders have these crucible moments (indeed we all do) and the author of this article identifies several of them while also presenting questions for you to answer as you seek out your special gifts, your greatness.  It is from this knowledge and utilization of our special gifts, when woven together with those of our colleagues, that great work cultures evolve.

ozziegontang's curator insight, June 20, 2013 8:35 PM

The quote of John Wooden says it: 

“True success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

Lee Thayer in his thought provoking and thought challenging book: Leadership: Thinking Being Doing shared:

"In all the world, there is no human e xperience that can compare to the exercise of the deeply-developed competencies required for the pursuit of a great and worthy achievement"

In the final paragraphs of the book he adds:

if you succeed, be humble. Others comspired with you to make it happen. You were blessed.

If you did not succeed, go backa nd fix the only things over which you have control: how you think, who you are, and how you do what you do. And make all of the tools required an integral part of who you are.