Are You Using Your Life's Energy To Expand Or Contract? | Mindful |

"This week, I want to examine an apparently-small pebble that is actually the biggest rock you have in your rock pile -- the energy you have with which to live your life."

Many years a go I decided to take Ballroom Dancing lessons, so I booked time with an instructor at a local dance studio.

As the day approached for my first lesson I found myself hugely nervous and even thought about canceling but, I instead decided that I wasn't nervous at all but instead was excited. This seemingly simple change of phrase made a dramatic change in how I perceived the massive amount of adrenaline that was pouring into my body for those days leading up to the first lesson.

When I got to my lesson my heart was racing, my palms where cold, my vision was hazy and my mouth was dry but I had a huge smile on my face and while I was lousy that first lesson I had a great time.

What I had done was relabeled what was going on within my body and mind, I became mindful of how I was reacting to the stimulation and I kept reminding myself that I was excited to take dance lessons. I mindfully switched perception and things changed.