Mind (un?)fitting the future
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Mind (un?)fitting the future
Humanity needs a new design and architecture of mind to fit the future
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The Intersection of Neuroscience and Philosophy (Video)

Is there a science of the soul? Does how we think about the brain define how we think about ourselves?


Patricia Churchland, B. Phil., LLD (hon), Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy at UC San Diego, joins William Mobley, MD, PhD for a deeper look at the connections between neuroscience and philosophy.


Source : uctv.tv

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Há muitas interseções!

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Neuroscience proves stories trump facts -- free download

Neuroscience proves stories trump facts -- free download | Mind (un?)fitting the future | Scoop.it

"So, if people are more likely to respond to a story, why do salespeople try to persuade customers with facts and figures?"


95% of the time our minds are on autopilot, and most of our decisions are made with minimal conscious involvement.

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