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Embracing the Millennials’ Mind-Set at Work

Embracing the Millennials’ Mind-Set at Work | Millennials |

Are millennials — those born from roughly 1980 to 2000 — about to fundamentally change companies for the better? Yes, if companies dare to listen.


Older generations of workers are sometimes annoyed and perplexed by millennials, many of whom want to take on big projects and responsibilities right off the bat, whereas earlier generations expected to pay their dues first. Millennials are also accustomed to living in a world of vast transparency — tweeting, texting and emailing one another in a nonstop exchange of information and opinions. 

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The Learning Factor's curator insight, November 10, 2013 5:08 PM

With its emphasis on free-flowing information, the millennial generation is highly innovative — and thus has much to offer to corporate culture.

LINNEA's curator insight, August 7, 2014 2:38 PM

Ojos abiertos y oídos atentos, los millennials podrían marcar la diferencia en tu negocio...

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How Boomers Can Play Nice With Millennials At Work

How Boomers Can Play Nice With Millennials At Work | Millennials |
First, understand them better. Then, kindly offer guidance.

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WTFog's insight:

Our World Evolve With the Next Generations. We have to deal with it.

Anita's curator insight, September 20, 2014 11:09 AM

There is much to be learned by each generation of the other to make the workplace better for both.