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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales Productivity

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales Productivity | Milestone3 |

For sales professionals, the advent of the Internet Age has been something of a mixed blessing. Certainly, online communication has presented innumerable marketing and sales opportunities, but it has also made for a shorter sales cycle.

Via Riaz Khan
Chenghao Shen's comment, September 25, 2013 10:10 PM
The author specifically focused on how to use social media to increase business sales which is based Business to Business model. The author provided an example to make the readers better understand his idea. When we are sending e-mails with brand products information to some potential customers, if the e-mail contains too much detailed information, it is a waste of time and we may lose some real customers as well. So actually sometimes even if the business people do not sell their products on social media network, but it still helps them to retain the customer loyalty, as we can easily observe that many social media users have their own specific focus targets when they are online, for example, I am quite interested in looking at the news of air ticket sales, accommodation deals and so on, because I like travelling. So basically, it is beneficial to increase the sales productivity by using social media.
Steven Chen's comment, September 26, 2013 8:47 AM
Another good article and insight about social media, this time the insight point out that social media can be used as a way to increase sales productivity. I know that social media can be used as a collection of data and a perfect place to do research, because there is just so many people on there and as this insight and article point out, asking staffs to do more research and learning more from the social media can let them have the knowledge to understand the customers more, with this they can save their time and give out idea to customers or event help them to pick their product because you know what they want. This is a very good way to improve sales qualities. Another point that you point out which I think is very smart is physically look for your market on social media, I like the example that you provided but here is another one for example I sell insect sprays I can go look for where insects are a problem and try connect your business to that part of people where they need your product.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, September 26, 2013 10:13 AM
Thank you for sharing this article and I enjoy read your summary and insight. Using social media as a researching and data collection tool is not news. It is no doubt that social media could be really useful in terms of collecting information and comments about your products and service as there are lots of people engaging brands through social media. Through researching and analysing comments on social media, company may learn more about what their customer think about its products and service and therefore making some further developments. However, I do not think it could save much time to do that and I doubt this is the best approach for small business to do so. It is true that people talk about brands on social media and your staff can easily get access. But people may talk in their way, and it may not always contain the information you really need. So it may cost lots of time and human resource to researching and analysing comments on social media.
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How to Create an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategy for your Small Business

How to Create an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Strategy for your Small Business | Milestone3 |
Learn how to integrate all of your company's marketing channels and seamlessly present a unified message to customers.

Via Érica Ariano
EmilyTse's curator insight, May 15, 2014 3:12 AM

This article discusses about how to create an integrated marketing communication strategy for small businesses. I believe that this article is interesting because i would think that that IMC strategy could only be implemented effectively by companies on a large scale.

Owen's curator insight, May 15, 2014 9:23 PM

IMC for the small business

Yuhua Hong's curator insight, August 3, 2014 7:26 AM

The article identifies genernal offline and online marketing channels and give a clear explaination about integrated marketing communication(IMC). It is stated that IMC is designed for delivering content massage to target audiences. There are four genernal steps for establishing IMC. Firstly, define your IMC goals so that you can always keep them in mind during IMC planning and operations. Then, getting familiar with your target audiences. For any businesses, consumers’ opinions and reactions towards their IMC plan are very important to the company. The third step is ensure you deliver your content messages consistently over all different media channels. Finally, it should be noticed that conduct marketing audits regularly will be a helpful way to review and revise your strategy. 

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Optimize & Socialize: Social Media SEO Tips For Large Organizations - Online Marketing Blog

Optimize & Socialize: Social Media SEO Tips For Large Organizations - Online Marketing Blog | Milestone3 |

With nearly 50% of consumers reporting that both search and social media influence purchases, Social Media and SEO are hot topics for most online marketing firms. But there’s a world of difference between the notions of social dominance, super-powered with search ubiquity and the ability to successfully implement – especially in large companies.

One of the most common issues is that social media efforts themselves are often uncoordinated activities, let alone working in sync with search engine optimization.
Enterprise marketing initiatives typically involve multiple stakeholders, layers of approval and messaging guidelines that can stifle ambitious social content optimization and promotion.

It is possible to make significant progress in a reasonable amount of time with the right mix of planning, communication and expertise. The key is to understand the nature of the business and how a coordinated social media and SEO effort can help the company solve problems and achieve goals.

Here are 5 Tips to Empower Enterprise Social Media SEO:
1. Education
2. Advocates
3. Results
4. Availability
5. Content Creation & Curation
[read full article]

Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Elaine Li's curator insight, September 25, 2013 6:54 AM

This article is very helpful for the big organization to improve their social media and SEO. According to the customer reported, nearly 50% consumers said that both search and social media influence them purchases. Also social media and SEO (social engine optimization) are the popular topics for online marketing firm.  A common issue is that social media are often uncoordinated activities also cannot to sync with social engine optimization (SEO). There are many marketing consultants using social media and SEO for small or medium size organization instead of use them for large organization. To create an independent and coordinated social media and SEO processes they need a unique combination of organizational strategy, adaptability and expertise. The coordinated social media and SEO can help company to meet their goals. There are five tips to empower enterprise social media SEO: 1.Education, 2.Advocate, 3.Result, 4.Availability and 5.Content Creation & Curation. There are nearly 750 billion people who use the social network and face book therefore it is easy let company to gain support from online. Company can create document about their organization on social network or facebook, which to let consumer to know about their product and service and also on their company facebook or blog need has some links which can let people directly to their official website this is can let their potential consumer to detail to understand your company and the product. Enterprise social media SEO can help company to improve their online marketing. 

Steven Chen's comment, September 26, 2013 8:38 AM
Some interesting facts here in the insight and I like it, this is like a new topic to me even though it is still social media but it also talk about SEO social engine optimization which is brand new to me. At the same time unlike all other article that are asking small business to start using social media in their business the insight shows that this article also shows the reasons and fact that most consultants choose to use social media and SEO in medium company other than larger organisations. I like how the insight reflects clearly how the article teaches us and other companies to create an independent and coordinated social media. Not only mentions the tips to empower the enterprise but also list them out and how they can help the company to reach their goals by using social media. Another good point at the end of the insight is companies can use Facebook or twitter to make a link and allow the people that are interested to the company to make a connection with the business.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, September 26, 2013 6:43 PM
Good insight and thanks for sharing the article. The insight reflects the five suggestions for companies to empower enterprise social media SEO by creating an independent and coordinated social media. Not like other articles that only focus on how to using social media to engage with customers or increase sales productivity, this article talk about SEO social engine optimisation that is from a new point of view to help business owners to enhance their performance so I found this article is really interesting. The idea of using social media as a customer engagement tool that can both connect with old customers as well as build relationships with potential customers by attaching a link to company websites is really clever, and this is not only suitable for social media, but is widely used in direct marketing as well.