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Multichannel Marketing Makes Scott Naturals' Mission Possible - Direct Marketing News

Multichannel Marketing Makes Scott Naturals' Mission Possible - Direct Marketing News | Milestone three |
Direct Marketing News
Multichannel Marketing Makes Scott Naturals' Mission Possible
Direct Marketing News
Alejandro says Scott Naturals relied on direct mail, in-store, event, and door-to-door sampling to convince moms to swap out their rolls.
Sashika's insight:

This article is about how the company Scott Naturals used direct marketing to achieve enormous sales. This article proved that for some taregt markets, social media bombarding is not the only way to go, despite mass promoting of the idea. Direct marketing is successful because it proves to the customer the value that the seller places on the product and is interested in the consumer experiencing the same value. It takes guts to invest so much money into direct marketing when it may not have a long lasting effect from consumers as other marketing activities may have. But nevertheless, Direct marketing works because it personalises the experience of the interaction between the compnay and the cutomer.

Ryan Xie's comment, May 10, 2013 12:33 AM
The article indicates that direct marketing is popular nowadays. In addition, it's useful in some circumstances. For marketers, how to apply direct marketing tools efficiently and effectively will be an important issue to consider.
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12 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Real Science

12 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Real Science | Milestone three |
Here are some scientifically proven ways to drastically improve the persuasiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Via Alex Butler
Sashika's insight:

this article examines the scientific evidence that provides information which allows marketers to capatilize on the outcomes of human behaviour and how by understanding how the human mind works, marketers can create efective marketing communications. It is very important to be able to understand how people relate to marketing communications and  in what way it has an impact on them , it is important to understnad how these effects of amrketing are percieved through the eyes of human beings and how different marketing channels can lead to different perceptions and outcomes.

Ryan Xie's comment, May 10, 2013 1:04 AM
The article proposed twelve ways to improve the marketing strategy with real science. In my opinion, except science, marketing strategy is important in every fields. Good strategy will significantly help create value for companies, improve brand equity and penetrate markets quickly. In order to make good marketing strategy, marketers need to know the market well which means that marketers need a lot of information of the market. Good information collection will help make good marketing strategy.
Charity WIlls's curator insight, May 24, 2013 10:21 AM

12 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy With Real Science

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Customer Engagement the sum of all parts

Customer Engagement the sum of all parts | Milestone three |
Forrester encourages companies to integrate their divisions to create a seamless flow between technology, data, and processes

Via Becky Norman
Sashika's insight:

This article touches on the importance of using social media to gain brand awareness and profit. It emphasises that the majority of the people trust brnads and are likely to purchase from brands that use the social media to advertise their product. This is probably because people trust what others seem to trust i.e. they take precedent from others. I agree that it is important to use modern technology to create brand awareness and brand equity, although I also think it is necessary for companies to start thinking of mre inventive ways to spread messages, since most companies are using social media to generate a following, more people are going to feel bombarded by advertisements in the future and in order for acompany to operate innovatively instead of based on immitation, they need to start thinking outside the box that other companies are thinking in.

Becky Norman's curator insight, May 9, 2013 7:32 PM


This article expresses the importance of integrating a company’s separate divisions to create one integrated mass. It tells us the significance of integrating one idea, across all mediums to form consumer engagement. Khatibloo says.  “I think the best way to improve customer engagement is probably to define it first.” This shows that we must look at what consumer engagement is to be able to approach and improve it. Another factor he said was of importance, was that the hardest part of improving this engagement, was making sure everyone across the company had the same vision. The question remains, how do company’s make sure their vision is linear through each department and the company as a whole? How much will this effect consumer engagement?

Ryan Xie's comment, May 10, 2013 12:47 AM
The article indicates the importance of consumer engagement and how it works in daily life. For consumer engagement, it's not only about knowing who is your customers, indeed, it's about how to identify them, how to know their experience, how to offer value to them and etc. Thus, marketers need to find ways to improve consume engagement to know the needs and wants of customers. It will help them have a clear perspective on the whole market.