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mHealth: Patient Centered Care-Clinical Tools-Targeting Chronic Diseases
How mHealth, mobile APPS, Social Media, eHealth, eLearning and mLearning can support clinicians and health services to inform, educate and empower patients in managing and owning their health by focusing on the patient experience (end to end service delivery).

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mHealth Solutions for the challenge of Oral Cancer in India

mHealth Solutions for the challenge of Oral Cancer in India | mHealth: Patient Centered Care-Clinical Tools-Targeting Chronic Diseases |

Proposed solution for the Challenge: Oral Cancer in India

Oral cancer is one of the few life-threatening conditions in dentistry. With approximately 650,000 new cases annually, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is the eighth most common cancer worldwide.

Proposed solution: Implementing an mHealth solution for Prevention of Risk Factors


ET Russell's insight:

This project proposes the development of an mHealth solution for the prevention of risk factors for Oral Cancer.


The main idea is to:

- provide a mechanism for the users to have knowledge about oral hygiene and risk factors

- design strategies that could work for them in order to have desirable behaviours and reduce the risks.

- develop a mobile app using a behavior-change gamification framework with leading boards, badges, health knowledge quizzes, competitions, challenges, formation of teams, rewards, and others.

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PSFK Future Of Health Report

This report examines 13 trends that fit within four larger themes highlighting how consumer technologies, data analytics and information systems are changing the way healthcare is delivered both from a patient and physician...

ET Russell's insight:

A compressive presentation supported by [VIDEOS] and examples covering:

- Behavioural nudge

- Holistic tracking

- Incentivized wellness

-  Game therapy

- Empowered Patient

- DYI diagnosis

- Care guidance

- Social support communities

- Orchestrated care

- Remotehouse calls 

- Cloud powered medical records

- Physician to physician networks

-  Data driven plans

- Augmented treatment

- Embedded vital monitors

- Overlay OR (visualisation tools)









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