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Robot and computer sciences
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Fabuleux fablabs

Fabuleux fablabs | METROPOLIS STUFF |

« Les secteurs plus traditionnels de l’économie ont également droit de cité chez nous, s’exclame Pierre Allée, le coordinateur du projet Fabriques du Ponant. Pour ces derniers, cela peut être l’occasion de se réinventer en stimulant l’innovation. Je pense, en particulier, à la filière bois qui pourrait intégrer de l’intelligence dans les meubles grâce aux objets connectés. ».



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Racing With The Machines - Forbes

Racing With The Machines - Forbes | METROPOLIS STUFF |
While we cling to our soon-to-be-antiquated skills, the future of economic value will not reside in work as we now know it (much of which will be automated), but in our ability to connect with communities of people to share our purpose and create...


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Pierre Levy's curator insight, April 14, 2013 12:35 PM

It is a matter of historical fact that Steve Jobs created the iPod and the method in which he did so is well documented.  What is not much discussed is why he ever wanted to.

The answer is simple (and also very well documented).  Steve Jobs loved music and wanted to make a device for others who loved it too.  He didn’t hire consultants or commission market research, (in fact, he famously eschewed them), nor did he analyze the technical specifications of existing products.  He just thought MP3 players were “sucky” and that annoyed him.