Free Technology for Teachers: Best of 2013 So Far...76 Ways to Use Haiku Deck | Metawriting |

Haiku Deck's Education Case Studies Pinterest board contains 76 examples of Haiku Deck being used by students and teachers. If you're not familiar with it or haven't tried Haiku Deck, here's what you need to know. It's a free iPad app for creating slideshow presentations.


There are two features of Haiku Deck that stand out. First, Haiku Deck intentionally limits how much text that you can put on each of your slides. Second, Haiku Deck helps you find Creative Commons licensed images for your presentations. When you type a word or words on your slides you can have Haiku Deck search for images for you. The images that Haiku Deck serves up are large enough to completely fill your slide. You can also upload your own images from your iPad or import images from Instagram and Facebook....

Via Jeff Domansky, Mindi Vandagriff