Cet arthropode marin vieux de 425 millions d'années peut avoir été l'un des lointains ancêtres de tous les arthropodes actuels | Mes passions natures | Scoop.it

"This spectacular 3D image of a newly discovered arthropod could rewrite the family tree of lobsters and spiders"

By Aviva Rutkin. New Scientist. « 3D fossil portrait could be the mother of all spiders »


« This 2-centimetre-long fossil arthropod, named Enalikter aphson, was found in rocks in Herefordshire, UK. It is the most recent addition to the megacheira, an extinct group of marine arthropods – and finding it in the 425-million-year-old rocks could indicate that megacheirans were distant ancestors of all arthropods alive today, including lobsters and spiders. »


Journal reference:

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2013.2986

"A Silurian short-great-appendage arthropod"


Via Bernadette Cassel