Lost portrait of Britain's wealthiest woman aquired by National Portrait Gallery - Telegraph | Merveilles - Marvels | Scoop.it

"A lost portrait of one of the UK's earliest feminists has been bought by the National Portrait Gallery. The portrait, which is of Lady Anne Clifford by William Larkin and was painted in 1618, was recorded only in Clifford's diary entries until it was discovered eight years ago in a German private collection by gallerist Mark Weiss. [...]


Lady Clifford was probably the country's wealthiest woman when she died in 1676, aged 86, after a lifelong battle for her inheritance from her father, George Clifford, Third Earl of Cumberland, which had been left to her uncle. She established the justice of her claims through archival research and legal disputes but mainly due to a persistence and determination that was rarely seen in public from a woman in such a male-dominated time. [...]"


Via Caroline Claeys, Alcofribas