'The Girls in the Band' review: Women's struggle to horn in | Merveilles - Marvels | Scoop.it
"The Girls in the Band" is a documentary that tells the story of women who worked in big bands and as jazz instrumentalists, through contemporary interviews and archival footage. Aside from during the period of World War II, the best a woman could hope for is a job with a girl band, which meant marginalization, but it also meant work and, in many cases, collaboration with serious and talented musicians. [...] The Girls in the Band" is full of stories of women like Melba Liston, a trombonist and arranger of distinction, who couldn't take it anymore and spent decades as a teacher. The movie makes an interesting contrast between the women who came of age in the '70s and the generation that has emerged in recent years. The documentary is highlighted with lots of impressive musical performances, from the days of Hazel Scott and Lil Hardin Armstrong through today.

Via Caroline Claeys