Giacometti. The Playing Fields - Hamburger Kunsthalle english | Merveilles - Marvels |

 25 January to 19 May 2013


From January 2013 onwards the Hamburger Kunsthalle is offering a new perspective on the art of Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966), revealing why this leading 20th-century sculptor’s work is still regarded as groundbreaking.

For the first time the importance of Giacometti's widely unknown surrealist work for his world-famous postwar-Œuvre: Like on a game board, Giacometti plays with elements, which hauntingly refer to Eros, Death and Souvenir.


Those Playing Fields were models for large-scale designs for public squares that invite human participation. With their presentation alongside his group sculptures of the postwar period through to the over life-sized ensembles he designed 1960 for a public place in New York, the show reveals the full scope of his work and the contemporary relevance of his art. 'Giacometti. The Playing Fields' presents 120 sculptures, paintings, drawings and photos of all periods from international museums and private collections.

Via Thomas-Penette Michel