Belkin WeMo flaws could allow remote control of home electronics | Internet Of Things | Ciberseguridad + Inteligencia |
Researchers at IOActive discovered the vulnerabilities in Belkins WeMo home automation devices.


Belkin's website advertises four WeMo home automation devices, which allow users to manage a number of home electronics, including light switches, heaters, fans, lamps or stereos. After downloading WeMo apps compatible with Android and iPhones, users are able to remotely control or monitor devices while out of the house.


The WeMo Insight Switch, for instance, sends information to users about energy usage of home devices, like A/C units, TVs and washing machines.


“The vulnerabilities found within the Belkin WeMo devices expose users to several potentially costly threats, from home fires with possible tragic consequences to the simple waste of electricity,” the Tuesday release from IOActive said.


The firm also added that other attacks, impacting users' computers and mobile devices, could be scaled via the WeMo flaws.


Via Gust MEES