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From my reader Vincent:

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on an x100s just before I begun my travels this year and I think it is the single most important photographic equipment I have ever bought. I carry it with me everywhere, it fits into my pockets effortlessly and it just becomes an extension of who I am.

As a result of having the x100s in my pocket where ever I go and the travels I have coming up over the next few years, I thought it will be fun to create X-PLR.

X-PLR is derived from explore and a play on the X series cameras. My aim is to explore as many different countries and cultures as possible and I will be documenting  99% of my travels with the X100s.

X-PLR is still at an experimental phase but I  plan to visit some interesting places, my aim is to document things as I go along, so I am excited to see how things develop over the years...."

Via Thomas Menk