La forme des plantes et des animaux a évolué en réponse aux mêmes principes mathématiques et physiques | EntomoScience |

Why does a mouse's heart beat about the same number of times in its lifetime as an elephant's, although the mouse lives about a year, while an elephant sees 70 winters come and go? Why do small plants and animals mature faster than large ones? Why has nature chosen such radically different forms as ... « How evolution shapes the geometries of life: Scientists solve a longstanding biological puzzle »

[Image] « New research suggests that the shapes of both plants and animals evolved in response to the same mathematical and physical principles. By working through the logic underlying Kleiber’s Law (metabolism equals mass to the three-quarter power) and applying it separately to the geometry of plants and animals, researchers were able to show that plants and animals display equivalent energy efficiencies. Credit: Loretta Kuo »

Via Mariaschnee, Christian Allié