When Cancer Care Is Too Much of a Good Thing | Melanoma Dispatch | Scoop.it

Some routine cancer tests and treatments can do more harm than good. Based on clinical evidence, the American Society of Clinical Oncology highlights cancer care that should be curbed in an annual Top Five List. This year's recommendations include:

  • Not giving antinausea drugs at the beginning of chemotherapies that are only moderately likely to cause nausea;
  • Not treating breast cancers that have spread with combination chemotherapy—unless symptom relief is urgent;
  • Not monitoring for cancer recurrence with advanced imaging technologies—such as positron-emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT) and radionuclide bone scans—unless there are symptoms of cancer;
  • Not screening men for prostate cancer unless they are likely to live at least another 10 years; and
  • Not giving people targeted therapies unless their tumor has the specific genetic abnormality that is targeted.