GeneGame: An App That Lets You Be the Scientist | Melanoma Dispatch |

Researchers all over the world have collected vast amounts of data on cancer patients, from genetic information to drug treatment records to cell biopsies, and this information can be very valuable when working to develop new treatments. But the data pool is so vast that finding useful information can take an incredibly long time. Cancer Research UK has now developed a website, called CellSlider, to let the public click through actual microscope slides to identify cancerous cells; it took the public 3 months to analyze as much material as the organization's scientists can cover in 18 months. Building on that success, Cancer Research UK is preparing to launch an app, GeneGame, which will enable patients to analyze data on their smartphones in a fun, interactive setting. The data will then be sent back to scientists to use in their research at a much faster rate, perhaps hastening the development of a cure.