Curatr: Using Visualization Navigation for Static Content with Social and Gamification Elements | 1-MegaAulas - Ferramentas Educativas WEB 2.0 |

Publishing research and publishing self-paced, text- and image-based e-learning are similar. Over time, you end up with a great deal of content. Search for something broad like “RSS” and you’ll likely find links to documents, videos, presentation, case studies, research reports, tools, answers to questions, etc. It can be a bit onerous leaving one rummaging through links asking questions like ‘what should I read first?,’ ‘where can I find examples of how specific companies are using RSS?’, ‘what do analysts say about RSS in 2012?’. I found that with Curatr, I could arrange various research objects in such a way that they would flow together a bit better in a nice visual format (which looks great on an iPad BTW).

Via Mark Smithers