How to survive gridlock like a Buddha | The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation |

Sometimes meditation practitioners take themselves much too seriously. I've had this espresso drinking, cell phone talking Buddha doll on my dashboard for many years, so I really identified with this article by Sarah Hampson in The Globe and Mail.


If you find yourself reacting to suggestions about the value of meditation like this: "Do what? You've got to be kidding! I don't live on a mountaintop. I live in the real world." --- then you too will enjoy Sarah's article.


Being human doesn't mean you can't benefit from meditation. Most importantly, you don't have to give up your sense of humor. Most of us who meditate are not enlightened beings who live on mountaintops. I still have temper tantrums, think badly of others sometimes, have little fits of anxiety (there, I've said it). But imagine who I would be if I didn't meditate?


Kat Tansey