Former Editor of Oprah Magazine Opts Out for a More Mindful Life | The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation |

--Amy Gross was editor in chief of O, the Oprah Magazine from 2000 to 2008. She writes . . .


"After decades of the monthly magazine cycle, the thrill of spotting a fresh idea, shaping it for our audience, commissioning the right writer --that thrill had subsided to a small tickle. Instead I was finding challenge, purpose, and meaning offsite, in mindfulness meditation, the Buddha’s prescription to end suffering. He discovered that if you pay attention to what’s going on, moment to moment—without trying to hold onto what feels good or push away what feels bad—your relationship to pain changes."


Kat's Note:

I'm not advocating that we drop out of our busy lives -- but learning to meditate provides respite and a new perspective that will help reduce stress and increase our happiness.


Kat Tansey