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Mediocre Me - How Saying No to the Status Quo Will Propel You from Ordinary to Extraordinary! (A Book by John Michel - Copyright 2013)
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Is Hierarchy Helping Or Harming Your Organization?

Is Hierarchy Helping Or Harming Your Organization? | Mediocre Me |
Hailed as the anti-hierarchy, holacracy is the new business buzzword. Developed by Ternary Software CEO Brian Robertson in 2007, at its most basic holacracy is a self-governing operating system where everyone within an organization takes responsibility for delivering on the company’s purpose. With roles arranged in circles rather than layers, [...]

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge
John Michel's insight:

While disposing of job titles and other trappings of hierarchy promotes feelings of equality, it’s important that that equality is framed in a structured way. Whether holacracy or hierarchy, organizations that can strike a balance between transparent collaboration and structured order will ensure that their employees feel empowered and in control.

Graeme Reid's curator insight, March 23, 7:18 PM

Interesting article. Hierarchies are not all bad and they provide people with some structure.

David Hain's curator insight, March 24, 4:46 AM

Holacracy is helping Zappos.

Frank J. Papotto, Ph.D.'s curator insight, March 24, 3:39 PM

At the minimum organization structure is about roles and relationships. Whether flat or heirarchical,  individuals in the structure must understand the purpose of their role and how it interacts with other roles. Beyond having a clear focus and direction for activity, they need autonomy and authority to do what is necessary for the role, the competencies required for the role, and the means to develop new competencies, processes and procedures as organization's circumstances change. 

Rescooped by John Michel from The Daily Leadership Scoop!

6 tips on business networking | Careers & HR | Executive | Financial Post

6 tips on business networking | Careers & HR | Executive | Financial Post | Mediocre Me |
There's more to networking than shaking hands and exchanging business cards

Via TechinBiz, Dan Forbes, Bobby Dillard
John Michel's insight:

While networking is often used to generate referrals and leads for new business, it’s also extremely useful for finding a new job, discovering possible new hires, improving basic business practices, or changing career paths altogether.

CATHLEEN SLONE's curator insight, June 11, 2013 10:01 AM

There’s an old adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know #innov8u #careers #networking #jobs #mobility