The Audacity of WTF | Medical Rescue: Healthcare Needed |

MARTY KAPLAN, Huffington Post

We're getting used to what's been going on during this campaign. That's dangerous. We should be reminding ourselves just how strange it is.

Start with this: Billionaires are buying civic mindshare.

That's right. A web of plutocrats, guided by a cadre of Karl Roves, is backing their ideal front man, Mitt Romney. Thanks to Frank Luntz, their class is known as the jobs creators, rather than, say, the Robber Barons, and pointing this out is known as class warfare.

Thanks to the Supreme Court's punting on disclosure, these billionaires are able to hack our elections secretly. Surely there are other Joe Rickettses out there, test-driving messaging at least as reptilian as his Son of Willie Horton strategy; we just don't know their names. It took a fluke -- a leak to the New York Times -- to let us in on this one, but there are other rocks we won't be lucky enough to see under. Now that the law against anonymous last-minute lying has been lifted, the 30 days before Nov. 6 is going to be all Orwell, all the time. [MORE]

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