A Parents’ Guide to Twitter and Education | Mediawijsheid in het VO | Scoop.it

" As an educator, there are tons of great hashtags available to find the resources I’m looking for. Hashtags are usually found at the end of a 140 character tweet. I think of them like television channels, only there are many more to choose from and you can even create your own for your organization or team.....For parents on Twitter, there are hashtags that offer support in raising children and supporting the work of schools. Two highly used hashtags for parents include #parents and #parenting. #PTchat or Parent-Teacher Chat is a hashtag used by parents and educators around the world to partner together on a wide range of topics."


Je kunt als docent natuurlijk zo ook een twitter huiswerk opdracht maken. Stel per twitter een vraag  en koppel daar een hashtag aan. De gevonden antwoorden - en de gevolgde zoekmethode van de leerlingen kun je dan de volgende dag bespreken.