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5 Tips For Safer SEO Meme Marketing [Marty Note]

5 Tips For Safer SEO Meme Marketing [Marty Note] | MEDIACLUB |
How to boost your SEO using memes and give your readers a dose of humor and information they'll make go viral!

See my note about the linked content - Marty

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Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 9, 2013 3:00 PM

Meme Marketing Can WIN or HURT
This post is a little fast and loose with their definition of a "meme". When Richard Dawkins coined the term he had something more robust than cultural ephemera in mind. 

The use of Nirvana's lyric is not what made Nirvana a meme. Nirvana came to represent a tribe of angry disaffected youth raised on irony and lied to repeatedly by authority figures from parents to politicians. Trying to tease art from inspiration is a fool's errand, so Nirvana and Kurt Cobain became archetypes representing a movement and a tribe.

The author may be fuzzy on what a meme is, but they have the viral power of memes just right. Memes live to do one thing - transfer cultural ideas. Think of the May Fly who lives for a single day. Memes live for as long as the act of transfer is met with ever increasing amounts of transfer. 

Meme Creation Tips

* Keep ideas simple.

* New Via Known - Use Made To Stick idea and connect NEW ideas to familiar (think of the duct tape on the book's cover) ones. 

* As Memes go sideways tweak YOUR messaging. 

* If Meme is WRONG stop feeding it (and hope others follow your lead).

* NEVER fight a meme. 

The reason you don't fight a meme is TO FIGHT is to add transfer energy. The more you attempt to restate the more ingrained the meme becomes. If your meme goes so sideways it is dead wrong STOP FEEDING IT. 

Often if the originator of a meme stops the feed it will slowly die. Note the use of "slowly". if your boss says they want that fixed tell them sure no problem and DO NOTHING. Do anything and you increase your problem. 

Memes vs. Cultural Ephemera
Memes have more backbone than cultural ephemera. Dawkins "Selfish Gene" idea is an example of a meme with powerful reach and robustness. Despite many leading authors including Wright (NonZero), Benkler (Penguin and Leviathan) and Shermer (Mind of the Market) the concept of man's innate selfishness is a strong meme. 

Dawkins must appreciate the irony since the book he wrote in 1976 The Selfish Gene that created or reinforced or given name to the "selfish man" meme doesn't say man is innately selfish. In fact, The Selfish Gene has a detailed discussion of The Prisoner's Dilemma where competitive collaboration is discussed. 

This misinterpretation brings up an important point. Memes transfer ideas FOR THE PURPOSE OF TRANSFER not accuracy. Expect your meme marketing to go a little sideways when exposed to the world. The smart move, when your memes go a little sideways, is to adjust your messaging to be consistent with how the meme has stripped your ideas down for transfer. 

If this is starting to sound like playing the MEME SEO game can be a tad dangerous you win a cookie. Just as Dawkins's amazing title created its own meme that was only partially related to his book your memes will take on a life of their own. 


BE CAREFUL with "Meme Marketing" and respect the power of the mob and you can WIN big as the author of this post shares. Memes are LIVE AMMUNITION so think about your end goals and test ways your memes will go sideways. If you can't live with a meme going sideways DON'T CREATE MEME MARKETING. 

David Meerman Scott writes how to ride fast breaking cultural ephemera and memes to your marketing advantage in The New Rules Of Marketing and PR and NewsJacking.  

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The Secrets Behind Content With 10,000+ Shares

The Secrets Behind Content With 10,000+ Shares | MEDIACLUB |
What makes content go viral? Learn the 5 key traits shared by the Web's most popular content.


As Internet marketers, we’re tasked with the often difficult job of helping ourselves or our clients gain visibility online.

As the years go by, the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and crowded, and standing out amongst the noise is harder than ever. If you’re not a major publication that automatically gets thousands of shares regardless of what you post, this becomes even harder to do.


With everyone competing to create highly shareable content, the million dollar question is:


“How Do I Create Viral Content?”


Read more:

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Without The Right Message, Twitter Is No Better For Your Brand Than A Fax Machine

Without The Right Message, Twitter Is No Better For Your Brand Than A Fax Machine | MEDIACLUB |

A great lesson in humility... I think this article touches the major problem of social media, too much blah blah and personal promotion and not enough real useful information for all. It's to each of us to finding the right ratio between the two... I have an idea about that, and you? [note mg]


Why brands have this endless fascination with social media is one of the more fascinating phenomena in business today--especially since many are missing the one key ingredient that, if ignored, will turn their most choreographed efforts into social media hell.


When it comes to branding and the ever-changing social media phenomenon, you’re not a mushroom. In other words, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark and fed a pile of...well, you get the idea.


Every once in while, a certain business mania surfaces. As you saw in the video above, history is filled with these blips: The telephone. Radio. TV. The fax machine. The Internet. And now social media. Within social media, it splinters further--it seems like there’s always a shiny new network. Before Pinterest, there was Google Plus. Before Google Plus, well, you know the drill. And on and on.


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John van den Brink's comment, March 16, 2012 3:41 PM
Martin, thank you for this one! Great weekend
Martin Gysler's comment, March 16, 2012 5:31 PM
I'm glad you like it John!
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Content Marketing in 6 Steps

Content Marketing in 6 Steps | MEDIACLUB |

This article goes on the bottom of Content Marketing. Things change very quickly and it is therefore very important to reflect the change in demand from your prospects and/or customers. This step-by-step plan, will give you a better idea of ​​what is important today and what you must do to be successful. [note Martin Gysler]


Most marketers have realised by now that they have to swap from the classic communication approach of sending & advertising to an approach based on content. But for most people the exact meaning of that is rather intangible. In order to help, we have composed a pragmatic step-by-step plan for companies to start content planning. The step-by-step plan is based on several surveys we realised in the past year. In this article we will present to you the 6 crucial steps to take in order to end up with a good content strategy.


Step 1: Topic selection


The first must is to check which domains your company can offer unique content in. This content needs to be in line with the company culture & vision, obviously. As far as this choice is concerned it is sensible to check one’s own expertise on the one hand and on the other to see how unique one is in the market.


Read more:

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The Demise of Quality Content on the Web - The Rise of Great Content Curators

The Demise of Quality Content on the Web - The Rise of Great Content Curators | MEDIACLUB |

This a great blog post from Rian van der Merwe , describing the noise you can find on the web now, and especially content just created for SEO purposes or advertisers. As many, Rian is tired of it.


Rian speaks for many of us who are overwhelmed, overloaded with content that gives us no value at all. This is the problem


"I used to believe that if you write with passion and clarity about a topic you know well (or want to know more about), you will find and build an audience. I believed that maybe, if you’re smart about it, you could find a way for some part of that audience to pay you money to sustain whatever obsession drove you to self-publishing"'


Here's what caught my attention:


****The wells of attention are being drilled to depletion by linkbait headlines, ad-infested pages, “jumps” and random pagination, and content that is engineered to be “consumed” in 1 minute or less of quick scanning – just enough time to capture those almighty eyeballs[2]. And the reality is that “Alternative Attention sources” simply don’t exist.


The Scoopit team agrees!


My input:


****The Opportunity: This is the time for all good curators to come forward - 2012 will be the year of the content curator -


**Know your audience

**Know their pain points

**Find and select the best content, add your own opinions, information or anything that will provide more value for your audience

**Select only the best content, don't just aggregate links that add to the noise

**Become a trusted resource - many opportunities will come to you, it's your time to shine


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"


Read full article here: []


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Karen Dietz's comment, December 4, 2011 12:23 PM
Great post and comments Jan! Looking forward to 2012.
janlgordon's comment, December 4, 2011 2:59 PM
@Karen Dietz

Thanks Karen! 2012 is going to be an amazing year for all of us!!
Gust MEES's curator insight, February 14, 2013 7:39 AM

Quality Matters!

A MUST read!!!

Check also:


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Critical Aspects of Content Curation In The Newsroom: Link and Attribution Are Essential - Steve Buttry

Critical Aspects of Content Curation In The Newsroom: Link and Attribution Are Essential - Steve Buttry | MEDIACLUB |

Robin Good: Steve Buttry, who has already written several articles on content curation (see the end of his original article), just published this in-depth essay celebrating the launch of a new curation team at Digital First Media and pointing to many of the critical factors neeeded for a content / news curator to be effective.

He covers a lot ground while giving a particular emphasis to the importance of linking and attribution. He writes: "Where you can’t learn much about the source of content you’re curating, consider crowdsourcing the question: Note the name and organization, tell readers what you’ve found and that you’re continuing research and ask them what they know about the source.

Where the source of online content is unclear, you should be clear about what you know and where you found the material."


"Sometimes the name of a person or organization is not sufficient attribution.

If the person or organization is not well-known, do a little research (Google will provide quick answers in many cases; sometimes an “about us” page will help).

Especially in political content, you want to note whether you are linking to partisan sources. A liberal or conservative think tank or political action committee is an entirely different kind of source from a professional media outlet or an independent fact-checking site."

Steve Buttry also includes some valuable key guidelines on "how to add value" when curating content and suggests several types of curation approaches that can be used in the newsroom.

Good advice on curation and practical tips. 8/10

Full article:

(Image credit: Shutterstock

Via Robin Good
Giuseppe Mauriello's comment, July 20, 2012 2:43 PM
Hi Robin,
in this period I am busy, and I have no time to discover news and curate my topic.
Thank you so much for your great curation!
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How To Optimize Your Twitter Feed with Twylah

How To Optimize Your Twitter Feed with Twylah | MEDIACLUB |

Twilah is very interesting tool to increase your visibility on the net and in the Google ranking. Check out.this blog post, it'll say you why you should be in there. [note mg]


Are your Tweets working for you? Are you getting the most out of your Twitter activity? If not, learn how to optimize your Tweets in this article.


I ran into Twylah a few weeks ago while researching tools that measure social influence. In a nutshell, Twylah takes your Twitter feed and organizes it by trending topic. This makes finding your topical Twitter content much easier for your valued readers and followers. Furthermore, there are ways to optimize your Twylah account for organic search (SEO). In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to search engine optimize your Twylah account.


How to Optimize Your Twitter Feed With Twylah:


The Basics:...


Read more:

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The Bro’s Guide To Pinterest

The Bro’s Guide To Pinterest | MEDIACLUB |

Pinterest is the social media plateform where, not to be or not to be on the right way can make the difference for those who want to use this platform for their business. This guide should support you in your approach. [note mg]


Just because Pinterest is a female-dominated network doesn't mean men don't fit in. In this post, learn how to leverage this network as a male user or male-focused brand.


Pinterest’s popularity has exploded in the past few months. Their traffic and user base has grown exponentially, bringing it to the attention of marketers around the world.

One of the most unique factors of Pinterest is the fact that its user demographic is made up mostly of women. This key factor has forced many male-oriented brands to rethink their marketing strategy if they want to leverage this social network.


Read more:

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Pinterest: A Tool to Curate Relevant Visual Content for Your Audience

Pinterest: A Tool to Curate Relevant Visual Content for Your Audience | MEDIACLUB |

This piece was written by my friend and fellow curator, Beth Kanter for socialmediatoday. It's one of the best articles because she really understands Pinterest and is using it effectively.


Here's what she had to say:


My Pinboards on Pinterest...


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share images and videos you discover on the web. Think of it as social network of visuals – where you can find images from other people with the same interest or use it to curate your own visual “interest space.”


The clean interface and simplicity of its features make it easy to use and gives you a calm feeling which perhaps accounts for its popularity.


**At first glance, the site attracts people interested in using it for non-work interests, such as wedding planning, decorating, scrapbooking, and family photos, but brands and nonprofit professionals are also using it to curate information related to professional and organizational topics in a visually pleasing way.


****But if you want to be successful, you must curate and share relevant content.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"


Read full article here: []

Via janlgordon
Beth Kanter's comment, January 21, 2012 1:11 PM
Thanks so much for curating this post also published on Social Media Today. The original on my blog: got the most retweets - probably because of the wide interest. I noticed you were curating a separate pinterest collection too. I put together small curated collection of resources about Pinterest for Nonprofits as I will be teaching it in workshops this year in the Middle East -