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Crowdsourced Multiple-Angle Event Video Recording with Vyclone (iOS)

Crowdsourced Multiple-Angle Event Video Recording with Vyclone (iOS) | MEDIACLUB |

Way cool tech.


Nicholas Herold



Robin Good: Vyclone is a new free iPhone app which allows you to include and remix your own video footage with the ones of your friends recording the same event.


Vyclone synchronizes and edits everyone's clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. The good thing is that you get the raw footage too. "So if you like, you can remix it to make your own director's cut."


Mashable writes in its review: "...the app lets two or more users create a collaborative video with others who are also shooting an iPhone video in physical proximity to them even if you’re not friends with or even aware the other people are shooting a video. The result is an almost instant multi-angle video of an event that you’ll swear was created by a professional video editor."






Download app (free):


More info:



Via Robin Good
Nicholas Herold's comment, July 19, 2012 12:10 PM
Thanks Robin! Another great scoop.
Robin Good's comment, July 19, 2012 12:27 PM
Thank to you Nicholas for stopping by to let me know! :-)
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Create Your Custom Web Magazine by Curating the Best Content Out There: Keemix

Create Your Custom Web Magazine by Curating the Best Content Out There: Keemix | MEDIACLUB |

Robin Good: Keemix is a web publishing service which allows anyone to create their own web magazine by easily capturing and editing content already available on the web. 


You can create multiple channels/topics covering different topics/interests, share items on social networks and have a personalized Keemix web site with your custom look.


From the official site: "Keemix allows you to gather loved content from the web, mix it into your own custom-designed pages, and share it to inspire your friends and colleagues.


Mixes can be private or public, and administrated individually or collaboratively.

Keemix is tightly integrated with all major social networks and broadcasts your content through feeds or newsletters, helping you reaching like-minded individuals."


A bookmarklet makes it easy to grab any site, article, video, image or text you may run into on the web.

By invitation only. (I don't have one yet)

More info and samples:  


(Thanks to Giuseppe Mauriello for discovering this)

Via Robin Good
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