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TwHistory | MEDIA´TICS |

Una aplicación que recrea un Twitter de hechos históricos. Gracias al profesor Daniel Bernsen de PÄDAGOGISCHES LANDESINSTITUT RHEINLAND-PFALZ

Via Jose Luis Redondo
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This is a video introduction to which might just prove to be an very useful and important project.  It's historical geography powered by colloborative mapping that is infused with social media dynamics.  Backed by Google, they are geotagging old photos to recreate the historical geographies of all places and comparing them with current streetview images.  You can search by topic, place or date...this has the potential to be very big.   

Via Seth Dixon, Jose Luis Redondo, Adriana Marichal
4995songs's comment, November 16, 2011 4:13 PM
Absolutely brilliant! The possibilities that this offers are staggering. If museums, galleries, and archives all got on board with this, they could create an incredible database that would allow teachers to add so much more depth to their lessons. I feel like having a visual timeline paired with geographic references in this capacity would give students (and everyone else!) a stronger understanding of how deeply history and geography are connected.
Seth Dixon's comment, November 16, 2011 6:40 PM
Agreed, this is conceptually amazing...but what a vast undertaking. I'm half-tempted to upload some pictures but I know that I've got too many pet projects at the moment and think that this one has the potential to overwhelm me time-wise.
GIS student's comment, November 17, 2011 3:37 PM
Awesome site! As an aspiring teacher, this website can be great for then and now projects. When explaining different eras or time periods this not only shows where certain things took place, but what they looked like as well. Definitely something that will become more popular in the social media aspect of society. Definitely a site I can spend hours on.